Calgary Is Fastest Growing car2go City Worldwide with 15,000 Registered Members in First 60 Days

car2go Canada, Ltd. a wholly-owned subsidiary of Daimler North America Corporation announced today successful operations for its first 60 days in Calgary, Alberta. Since the launch of car2go in Calgary on July 21, 2012 more than 15,000 people have registered as members of the city’s first large-scale carsharing program, making Calgary the fastest growing car2go city worldwide.

Collectively more than 40,000 trips have been taken with car2go throughout Calgary within its first two months of business. To accommodate the growing demand for carsharing, car2go will introduce an additional 150 cars to the car2go Calgary network, and members will have access to 300 fuel-efficient car2go edition smart fortwo cars, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Later this month, car2go will also expand its Home Area to encompass a total of 93 square kilometers. The car2go Home Area is the area where members can pick up and drop off their car2go, and it will now extend north to 24th Avenue, south to Glenmore Trail, east to Deerfoot Trail and Blackfoot Trail, and west to Sarcee Trail. A full map of the car2go Home Area can be viewed at:

“Launching car2go in Calgary has given an entire city access to a new and innovative personal mobility solution,” said Nicholas Cole, president and CEO of car2go Canada Ltd. “As thousands of residents of Calgary embrace carsharing with car2go, they are setting an outstanding example of intelligent urban mobility for the rest of their city, and for other cities around the world.”

How It Works

As the world’s first-free floating carsharing service, car2go provides a new way of carsharing that is unique, particularly in these three areas:

By The Minute: Members pay only for the time they use the car, by the minute, with discounted rates for hourly and daily use. There is no minimum amount of time that a car can be used – whether a member needs a car for five minutes or an entire day – members simply get in and drive, for as long as they want without having to commit to a mandatory return time or location. Parking, fuel, maintenance and insurance are included at no additional cost, and there are no annual or monthly fees.

On Demand: Members can use the first available car2go they find, via a smart phone app, the car2go vehicle finder at, by calling the customer call centre or by simply locating an available car2go on the street. There is no need to make a reservation in advance because members have unrestricted and unlimited access to car2go vehicles 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Free Floating: Members can pick up and drop off any car2go anywhere within the car2go Home Area — in any legal on-street parking space, including metered, non-metered and residential neighbourhood parking spaces. Members do not need to drive the car back to its original location or commit to a predetermined amount of time. They can simply drive the car for as long as they need it, park the car at their destination, end the rental by swiping the card on the windshield reader, and instantly the car becomes available for the next member to use.

There are five simple steps to using car2go:

Step 1: Become a Member – Licensed drivers can register to become a car2go member at Within three to five business days, a membership card will be mailed to them. This membership card will give members access to the 300 car2go vehicles in Calgary, as well as access to any car2go vehicle in Vancouver and Toronto.

Step 2: Locate a Vehicle – Members use the car2go finder at, a smart phone app, tablet app, or the car2go facebook app to locate the nearest available car. They can either use the car spontaneously (without a reservation) or book a car2go in advance online or through the app, up to 24 hours in advance.

Step 3: Access the Vehicle – Members can simply walk up to the car2go, hold the membership card against the card reader on the windshield and the doors will unlock. After entering a PIN on the touchscreen and rating the condition of the vehicle, a key will be released, allowing them to drive.

Step 4: Drive – Members can take the car key which is stowed next to the touchscreen unit, start the car2go and drive off. They can drive as long as they want, without having to commit to a return time or location.

Step 5: Finish the Trip – Members can complete their trip in any available public parking space within the car2go Home Area. Charges are calculated by the minute, at a rate of 35 cents per minute, and will be debited from their credit card after exiting the vehicle. Fuel, parking, maintenance and insurance are included at no additional cost.

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