The Wagon That Could Do No Wrong: Project Cyphur by SR Auto Group

Categorized at a family vehicle for soccer moms in the early eighties, this long bodied machine has certainly transformed into a high powered heavy hitter of the 21st century. The E 63 AMG Estate by SR Auto Group.

The exterior has been subtly upgraded through the use of carbon fiber. The front bumper features a full carbon fiber Brabus front lip, along side with a pair of carbon fiber Brabus air vents. The front fenders were replaced with a set of two piece BRABUS front fenders. The fenders have a built in carbon fiber vent, as well as signature LED BRABUS side markers. Moving towards the rear of the vehicle, SR continued with the BRABUS theme and selected their newly developed carbon fiber diffuser to complete the package.

When it came time to select the wheels, SR goes with a spectacular design that would surely make Project Cyphur the most memorable wagon of the year: PUR Wheels 6IX Depth.

PUR 6IX Depth, Twenty-Inch | Modern Black Face, Rose Gold Lip

H&R Lowering Suspension

BRABUS Carbon Fiber Front Lip
BRABUS Carbon Fiber Fenders
BRABUS Carbon Fiber Air Vents
BRABUS Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser
BRABUS Puddle Lights
BRABUS Hood Emblem
BRABUS Rear Trunk Emblem

BRABUS Paddle Shifters

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