Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG by Carlsson

  • Carlsson coilover suspension
  • Exclusive light alloy wheels in 20 and 21 inch
  • Finest leather upholstery Carlsson Nappa Exclusive Heavy Weight

Sporty yet fit for everyday use: With the Carlsson Lifttronic®, the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and its open roadster version can be raised by 40 millimetres at both axles at the push of a button, allowing the supercar to easily get over underground car park exits, speed bumps or rough level crossings without damaging the front apron or the car’s underbody. Thanks to the connection to the car’s data stream, the Carlsson Lifttronic® can recognise the car’s speed at all times and will automatically lower the vehicle again once a speed of 80 kph has been reached.

Carlsson integrates the new Lifttronic® into the coilover suspension which the company developed exclusively for the SLS in order to produce cornering ability tailored to the individual driver. The number of adjustment options available to setup the suspension to route and driver even exceeds those of the Performance Package offered by Mercedes-Benz. In addition to the continuously variable suspension lowering, possible within the TUV-approved adjustment range of 15 to 35 millimetres, the Carlsson suspension also allows rebound and compression to be set separately.

The lightweight aluminium Carlsson coilover suspension, including Lifttronic® technology, is available for 8398 Euro excluding VAT.

Carlsson’s light alloy wheels also help reduce the car’s weight. The 9.5 x 21 inch and 11 x 21 inch wheels of the design 1/10 UL (also available in a 20 inch version) are 40 percent lighter than traditional cast wheels of similar size. In the forging manufacturing process, the aluminium is packed so densely that no air pockets are left behind in the material. This allows Carlsson to achieve extremely thin walls with a very high load-bearing capacity as well as a significant reduction in unsprung masses. This in turn has a very positive impact on the car’s cornering ability. The 1/10 UL alloy wheels, exclusively developed for the SLS, are available from 8067 Euro.

The automobile manufactory Carlsson can design the interior of both the roadster and the gullwing model as per customer’s requirements. With its natural deep grain, resembling the texture of burl wood, the Carlsson Nappa Exclusive Heavy Weight leather is particularly luxurious. This barrel pigmented natural material has the look and feel of a fine leather glove and, thanks to its thickness of up to 1.7 millimetres, is particularly hard-wearing.

With the fine Carlsson Nappa Exclusive Heavy Weight, the experienced upholsterers at Carlsson can add a touch of class to both seats, the headrests, the dashboard, the centre console, the middle console with armrest, the door trim panels and door handles for a total of 9680 Euro. Alternatively, customers can opt for just the seats and headrests covered with Carlsson Nappa, for 3600 Euro. In all cases, the colour of the stitching and weatherstrip is chosen by the customer at no extra charge.

Carlsson’s in-house upholsterers fulfil any other wishes the customer may have and work with Alcantara, carbon and the finest woods. Customers can specify any colour, embroidering, hallmarks or anything else they desire and Carlsson’s team of experienced specialists will make it a reality.

In this way, the exclusive optimization of the supercar is created from the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG at Gut Wiesenhof, achieving a perfect balance between sportiness, luxury and everyday practicality.

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